The number of counterfeit notes circulating in the euro area has been dramatically increasing over the past few years. Due to the ever-improving quality of counterfeit notes, they generally are not taken out of circulation until they are deposited at the bank. At this point, hardly any investigative leads exist for prosecuting authorities, and the depositor usually has to absorb the loss. Banks do not refund counterfeit money!

Dealing with counterfeit banknotes and their identification on a daily basis was the principal occupation of our company’s founder. He realized that the increasing quality of counterfeit money was pushing most detection procedures past their limits. Only infrared testing seemed to be feasible on a large scale. From then on, it was our founder’s goal to make such devices available at affordable rates.

By using MoneyProof’s infrared equipment, you and your employees can recognize instantly if you are being paid with counterfeit banknotes. You protect yourself from financial loss and help the police to enforce the law.

Who are the intended users of Money Proof devices?

  • Enforcement authorities
  • Banks
  • Retail (classic)
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel industry
  • Night clubs
  • Gas stations
  • Jewellers
  • Car dealers
  • Trade fair exhibitors and visitors
  • Anyone who wants to increase payment security


Theater Bistro, Bonn

At the THEATER BISTRO in Bonn, guests continue to pay primarily in cash. The easy-to-use MoneyProof testing device gives us security when accepting payments and my staff could use it without problems from the beginning.

Q. Thu, operator

Manufaktur LAUFRUHE

Manufaktur LAUFRUHE is a quality-conscious watch manufacturer based in Baden-Baden. By using MoneyProof devices, cash payments can now be checked efficiently and accepted without any risk. The risk of counterfeit notes is virtually eliminated.
"MoneyProof brings security to our payment process"

M. Schütterle, owner, Manufaktur LAUFRUHE